Box of 50 Ganvol 0.7m Water Leak Alarms, Moisture Detector, Detect Sink / Baths Overflow, No installation needed, AAA Battery Operated, Loud Siren, Money Saver for Water Damage

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The Ganvol Water Alarm is a nice little addition for a little peace of mind as it could potentially save you literally thousands associated with repair of water damage. Most water damage is not the result of a catastrophic failure (i.e. pipe or water supply line break), but a small leak in the appliance, or clogged drain that goes unnoticed for an extended period time. Simple concept with water completing the circuit for the alarm.

The unit weight is 0.04kg. The box measures 10 x 3 x 1.5 cm (3.93" x 1.18" x 0.59"). The sensor is 3 x 2 x 0.5 cm (1.18 x 0.78 x 0.20 inch). The cable length is 70cm (27 inch). Powered by 2 AAA batteries. When no alarm is triggered, in "stand by" mode, the power consumption is zero, the good quality battery should last for an extremely long time, i.e., long as its' "shelf life" will allow.


If you have had an expensive leakage in your kitchen or ever done a horrible sewage cleanup due to clogged and overflowed sewer drain, you would like to have the Ganvol Water Alarm to help you detect the next one earlier so that your family will not not to flush toilets nor turn on any faucet until the drain is unclogged and/or the water leak is repaired.


If you have low water pressure and don't want to be checking the bath being filled every few minutes, it's perfect for you. Saved you a lot in water bills. No more overflowing unattended full baths, sinks, reverse osmosis RO water system, or aquarium top up system.


If you are a new DIY plumber, these Ganvol water alarms are equally important as fire alarms water-leak-prone areas below or near washer, sinks, hot water heater, shutoff water valve, basement. If you have ever spent thousands to remove water and do mold remediation in your crawlsoace and basement subfloors due to water pipe burst in winter / spring, this will save the costly headaches of water damage.


These alarms are really sensitive and loud; the smallest amount of moisture will trigger the alarm. It senses water before the water is deep enough to flow anywhere. Moist surface is enough to set it off which is great. The 0.7m cable allows placing the detector in out of the way spots where water leaks begin while placing the alarm where you can better hear it or reach it to change batteries easily. It has an On/Off switch to easily turn alarm off instead of having to futz with removing the battery while the alarm is SCREAMIMG at you. If the cable is not long enough, try a bit of easy DIY with 18 gauge wire from both to extend them to the desirable length .


For hard-to-reach flood prone area, follow this user tip: place a few of these on some paper towels to extend the detection range and tape the sensor to the paper. Should there be a leak anywhere the paper is, it will absorb the moisture like a sponge and set off the water alarm.


Cheap insurance. Takes a little of the worry out of home-ownership, especially when the copper pipes start getting old, you need to watch them closely before you install PEX plumbing.


Good luck and hope your home can stay dry and away from mold.


If you are a new DIY plumber, install one under every sink, dishwasher, behind every toilet, washing machine and refrigerator (ice maker water supply). Essentially, any place where there is a water supply to a faucet or appliance.


The 0.7m long sensor makes it possible to install in a normally hard to access area, for example, underneath a dishwasher and have the alarm unit in the sink cabinet.


If you have even stepped out of bed into a puddle of water due to tropical storm flooding while asleep, this will give you plenty of warning so that you can sleep better at night when it is rainy.


Peace of mind during heavy Midwest rains. No more laying in bed at night worrying sump pumps not being able to keep up with all the rain or going downstairs various times in the night during a storm to check for water .


A must have to save you from horrendous water damage clean ups, the hassle and expense of installing a new floor if your home is on a slab and your hot water tank can flood and damage house carpeting if it leaks.

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